Our puppies are raised in our home with tons of love and socializing.  They are around our 6 horses, all of our adult dogs, our family and friends, both male and female, children and adults.  The pups are exposed to the noises of large equipment that we use for our concrete business and for running our farm.  In the summertime they are introduced to the swimming pool.  Theres always a variety of toys around to play.  Toys that squeak, krinkle or both and fun things to climb on, and exciting tunnels to go through.   Crates, collars and leashes are introduced to each puppy before they leave. We have steps for them to use, concrete, grass, gravel, asphalt, carpet, wood flooring, pine shavings, a brick walkway,  linoleum,  grates, and wobbly things to walk on.    Every puppy will be taking a tablet supplement before leaving which is NuVet Plus.  They have a blast and we enjoy every minute we have with them.  
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We feed our puppies puppy food until about 12 weeks old then we switch to adult food.  
The puppies are given a variety of foods which you see listed here.  Each photo has a link attached for easy ordering.  


Puppies are reserved  by order of deposits/full payments received.  

DEPOSITS - Deposits are $250.00 and are non-refundable but are transferable. 

AVAILABLE - We will consider pet/companion home on spay/neuter

        agreement or show/breed home with approval. 

RESERVED A deposit has been received.

SOLD Pup has been paid for in full. 

ON HOLD (FOR EVALUATION) - The pup is on hold until 8 week evaluations,

but may be available at 8 weeks old.  One backup

pet/companion deposit will be accepted. 

EYE COLOR Eye colors are estimated, but not guaranteed. 

We do not place pups according to eye color. 

 All pups are required to be paid for in

full by 7 weeks or before.


Faith and Cinch

Due 05/14/2019

AKC Miniature American Shepherd

Peaceful Acres Faith in Angels

of Shadow Fox


AKC Miniature American Shepherd

Peaceful Acres Cinched

up at Cacres


Louie Louie

Red Merle


Eyes: green/blue

Show/Breed quality 

$ Private Treaty

Pet Price:  $1500.00


Louie is a heavy boned, stout pup, he has a great loving temperament, his parents have had their full panel genetic testing done through PawPrint Genetics.  He was born on Nov. 12th, 2018. He was dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8, weeks and has had his first set of shots.  He is phenomenal! 

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