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Linderlands Turn the Paige. 

AKC Miniature American Shepherd

INT. NAT. CH. Trails Ends

Altas Gracia of Super C


Gracie is an outstanding and versatile female. She is not only gorgeous on the outside but she is just as gorgeous on the inside.  Her dark copper points, stark white trim plus her jet black coat make for a classy looking girl and under all that hair she has proven to be an amazingly put together little dog through her National and International champion conformation titles and her recent AKC Winners Bitch Win in Topeka, KS. 

Gracie has done a tremendous job learning and obtaining different disciplines and titles making her a very versatile dog.  She grasped the life of a farm dog in nothing flat and tested once for her Farm Dog Certification,  she has been doing very well at Rally classes and we will soon try our hand at getting a novice title, and she has been shinning bright in her Trick Dog classes achieving her Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Trick Dog titles.  We are so proud of his girl, can you tell? 

If you grab your keys to go somewhere, she definitely feels as though she must go with you, or theres a good possibility that her world is going to come to an end.  She is very much a mommas girl and gives truth to  the meaning of the well known adjective used to describe this breed, "velcro" dogs. 

Gracie has had one litter of puppies so far and out of that litter she has produced an international and national champion puppy who has also won two other titles.  

Gracie is one of our pride and joys.  




AKC Miniature American Shepherd
Trails Ends Mercie Found Away To Me

​Mercie is a very sweet, attentive and athletic girl. She is a dark red tri in coat color with amazing dark copper trim, and two gorgeous amber eyes. She is a med/high drive girl but she has a nice off button.  Mercie loves playing fetch, she is a great swimmer, hiking is a favorite of hers, plus jumping,.  She can flat jump.  Holy smokes.  She adores the puppies as well.  All of them! You will frequently find her out in the yard at the bottom of some of the cutest puppy piles and she will be loving every minute of it.  Mercie is gentle and playful with the puppies.  Its adorable to watch her with them.  She stands 15 inches tall and weighs 26 pounds. 

We are proud to have this female in our program and look forward to her future. 



AKC Miniature American Shepherd

Super C Engaged Perfection


 AKC MAJOR pointed 

and not far from her




This flashy little girl was a pick pup we kept back for ourselves from one of our previous litters.  She was from the Rebel X Stetson litter.  Rebel is a blue eyed red tri  and Stetson was owned by a lovely lady in Oregon who has recently paShe is a wonderful little girl, super sweet, loves children and loves to be by my side.

She LOVES to please and she is quite athletic.

  Gage has earned her S.T.A.R. puppy award from AKC during her puppy classes at our local Dog Obedience classes.  We have been to a couple AKC conformation shows and she now has 7 major points. 



ASDR Miniature Australian Shepherd
Triple S She's My Obsession of Super C,

Brina was our first breeding mini.  We enthusiastically drove to meet her breeder, as soon as she could arrange it, 8 hours away to Memphis, TN to pick her up.  On the drive home it was snowing like crazy making the roads a bit treacherous and slow going.  But she was a trooper and slept the whole ride home.  She was such an amazing puppy and so tiny she could not make it up and down the front steps into and out of the house when we got home.  And SO SO CUTE!  She is still a petite adorable little thing and our smallest mini, but she doesn't think so.  Size makes no difference to her.  Can you say the word "fetch-a-hloic?"  If you even utter the word "BALL" you will have her undivided attention for at least 6 hours!  This little girl has more heart than the Kentucky Derby winner Secretariat.  She not only enjoys a good game of fetch, she also loves swimming, playing tug, naps in your lap, going shopping, vacations and she loves learning new things. She knows several different commands but heres a partial list; sit, down, sit stay, down stay, roll over, up, stand, heel, turn, back, walk, target, touch, outside, jump, in, off, stay, wait, toy, ball, lets go, right here, paws up, paws down, bow, I am sure I have forgotten a few others she knows.  She's pretty amazing.  We love her dearly!! 



AKC Miniature American Shepherd
Peaceful Acres Faith in Angels
of Shadow Box Farms
2 AKC Conformation points
It's a privilege to own this sweet little girl.  She has been with us for approximately  3 weeks so far and she is fitting right into our little pack.  Faith is a great mover,  she has learned to play fetch since being here, and she is absolutely the sweetest dog.  She is definitely a shadow dog.  She is a lower drive dog.  

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